Consciousness-Based EducationDeveloping the full potential of the brain and unfolding the inner genius of every student

Consciousness-Based Education

The Consciousness-Based education programme (CBE) provides a practical, proven approach to prevent anti-social behaviour and other educational problems by developing the creative intelligence and inner happiness of every student.

CBE allows students to truly know themselves, to experience the field of pure consciousness, the source of thought, the Self, which is also the common basis of all fields of knowledge. This is accomplished through the simple, natural technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM), practised for a short time twice a day.

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Russell Simmons visits the Maharishi Institute in Johannesburg

"When you don't fund education, you leave children behind. When you promote art and creativity in a child, it sparks their imagination. Kids need inspiration... If you go to the schools around the country currently utilizing this program, you would see a dramatic difference in the children and the results they achieve." — Russel Simmons

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